How to get a valid residence permit in Spain, being a digital nomad

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This residence permit must be requested during the first 90 days of stay in Spanish territory.

This PERMIT is for any foreigner planning to live in Spain as a resident, working remotely for a Company or an employer (or self-employed) located outside of the Spanish national territory and using exclusively computer telematics and telecommunication media and systems.

The following family members may also obtain the permit: the spouse or unmarried partner and dependent children and dependent relatives in the ascending line who form part of the family unit.


To avoid fraud, the applicant will be requested to:

  • Give evidence that the contractual relationship with the employer has been in force for at least three months
  • Give evidence that the employer has been an active company for at least one year.
  • Submit the contract.

The applicant also must:

  • Register with the Spanish National Social Security and pay the compulsory monthly insurance. If the applicant registered himself as self-employed, he/she can also work for a company located in Spain, if the percentage of this particular work doesn´t exceed 20% of the total amount of his/her professional activity
  • Submit original and a copy of the certificate accrediting the private health insurance contracted with an insurance entity authorized to operate in Spain.
  • Submit a criminal record certificate issued by his/her country or countries of residence for the past 2 year.
  • Submit study certificates proving that he has the skills for the position he is to fill.
  • Submit documentary proof of financial means. For the family’s members they must prove additional financial means. In order to prove the abovementioned resources, any means of proof are acceptable: work contract, bank statements, payslips etc.

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